January 28th 2013

It was a quite rain on the daylight and i was left alone in home.
It was a black out, too.

So i did nothing with internet, but got my notebook on and watched the girls' show.
After it ended i played Temple Run 2.
I finally did better and made a 5.2 million record.
Still aiming for a 20 million (my friend has another friend who did this so, yeah, i don't think it's impossible).

Anyway i tried to install RE4 on the old toshiba laptop and it worked! No directx9 problem found, it went very smooth. Played for 30 minutes or more.. Hell, it's still one of the best horror game ever. I loooooooove RE series.
I haven't got my hands on RE5 and RE6 due to the lack of gaming equipment, so this far i think RE3 has the best story line.

I wish i were Jill Valentine
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January 26th 2013

Waking up with a really heavy head and running nose.
Lost count of how many times i sneezed today.

Turned off my phone for the whole day.
Turned it on at night.
Got texts of group appointment which i missed since i woke up late due to the flu.

Dad refused to drive me to the game store, so i decided to download Pizza Connection 2.
Got my home internet back.

Decided to do a daily journal.
And got my previous entries deleted.
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